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All of our components are made to the highest standards with the best materials.

If anything can be improved, it will be. There is no short-cut to quality.


“There is no substitute for quality…”

We are currently able to supply all parts to convert a 3-litre engine to 4.5-litres including

BM3480 Camshafts to original specification - no funny business - as raced by us

Counter-balanced crankshafts

High-strength connecting rods

Special pistons for high-compression engines

Competition valves and valve springs

Rolled-thread main and ancillary studs

Main bearing caps and straps for shell-bearing conversions

A-Box gearbox casings

Inlet manifolds for 4-stud carburettors

Complete assembled 4-star differential assemblies

…and much more besides. Call for the latest stock.